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KEDUN image processing system: Based on high speed DSP and PCIE high speed bus, the system applies advanced image processing algorithm, accommodates various complicated conditions, preprocesses multisource and multi-format image and video in high speed and real time and realize image splicing, fusion, target identification, target tracking and location.


  • Image correction

    To correct a series of image distortion resulting from imaging system, shoot posture and scanning of nonlinearity and motion blur, radiation distortion and noise.

  • Image enhancement

    To reduce and filter noise for video streaming and images and enhance edge to present more clear images and avoid severe weather.

  • Image dodging

    To conduct brightness and chroma matching for multiple images or video streaming to realize image splicing.

  • Image fusion

    It applies multiple infrared, low light and visible light sensors to realize information complementation, maximumly extract information of each channel and finally integrate into uniform and high-quality images.

  • Image splicing:

    To splice multiple images with overlaps gained in different time, under different perspectives or from different sensors into a large seamless and high-resolution image.

  • Extraction of image moving target

    The still or dynamic background can separate interested targets and backgrounds.

  • Image identification

    To compare two or more images gained in same scenario under different time and imaging conditions from different sensors or same sensor, find common targets and match.

  • Image tracking

    To identify specific objectives, lock tracking objects and realize automatic tracking & shooting and scenario locking.

  • Target location

    To apply two or more cameras to recover distance information from optical parallax for same scenario from different locations and realize double image location.

  • Color correction

    To avoid limits of light environment, strong and weak light and hue through chroma compensation from different deflection angles.

  • Crater test (concave surface test)

    To identify and match crater under large rotation, scaling and deformation for landing images.