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Remote location and alarm technology:It gains longitude and latitude information of protected targets (e.g. vehicle) based on GSM wireless communication and GPS/Beidou Navigation System and determine geographical location of the target based on electronic map matching technology. Later, it will automatically send warning message and target location to the remote user client. Besides, the remote user can also query location of protected target via wireless network and the system status. The company has completely grasped remote location and alarm technology and developed vehicle anti-theft system based on such technology. The system has broken through short warning distance and landform limitation of traditional vehicle anti-theft system, solved the alarm noise and provided high alarm accuracy and timeliness.


Distance measurement of distributed capacitance for communication cable:The company has solved problems in communication field such as identification of reflected wave in distance measurement of distributed capacitance for communication cable and arrival time measurement. It has completely grasped such technology and gained national patent for invention. The company has developed related products based on such technology, realized maximum test length 20km and distance-measuring error ±2%, which has reached to domestic leading level. This product has avoided mixed line in the end of cables and then reduced the difficulty in construction.