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Intelligent monitoring technology: It applies the company’s high-definition camera and infrared sensor to separate background and target in the scenario to analyze and track targets in camera scenario. The user can conveniently define rules based on analysis module, the system will automatically send warning information for abnormal conditions, and the monitoring command platform will automatically pop up warning message and caution and trigger related linkage equipment. The user can click the warning message, recombine the warning scenario and take related prevention measures. The monitoring system is mature and stable; therefore, it has been widely applied in the security protection field.


Visual processing technology for flying platform: The camera installed on flight pod is applied to process the aerial images. The company has developed various key technologies such as image pre-processing, target detection, target tracking, data fusion, visual navigation and large-scale image splicing and presented wide application prospect in land resource investigation and planning, investigation of agricultural and forestry resources, natural disaster monitoring, urban development monitoring, traffic planning, urban construction and meteorological service.