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KD-M60B Shipborne Navigation Photoelectric Auxiliary System

KD-M60 shipborne navigation photoelectric auxiliary system is high-tech product giving auxiliary to safe navigation of ships at night, integrating high-performance positive and passive infrared image collector, high precision gyroscope-stabilized platform, it can connect to satellite positioning, radar, electronic compass and other equipment search, tailing, azran detection and navigational position on objective, as well as output clean and stable image, and it is also with the functions of laser warning, laser lighting; it is made of corrosion-...

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Complete machine Weight 16.6KG
Power ≤16W
Working voltage DC 5V~13V
Working temperature -40℃~60℃
Storage medium Computer's hard drive
Protection degree IP67
Detection distance 1.5km detection of vessel target, 1km identification of vessel target.
Thermal imaging video camera Type of detector Polycrystalline silicon infrared microbolometer  
Resolution / pixel 384×288/17μm
Focal length 25mm(2);12.3mm(2)
Visible camera Imaging sensor 1/1.9” CMOS 
Effective pixel 1280*720
Focal length 8mm(1)
The master host CPU I5processor/ I7 processor
Memory chips 2G/ 8G
Image capture card 6-way acquisition card