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KD-85H-8A Hybrid Power Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Hybrid power unmanned aerial vehicle is a new type four-axis eight rotor wings unmanned aerial vehicle taking gasoline fuel and high-performance as well as high-capacity polymer battery as the power source. It is designed as the high strength carbon fine as an organic whole structure, is with the infrared looking-around obstacle avoidance function and is with the features of long operating time, low temperature resistant, diversity mounting and wide application scope. When any a group rotor wing assembly is in fault, controlled by flight con...

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Symmetrical motor wheel base 1320mm
Maximum takeoff weight 27KG
Maximum payload 5KG
Cruise time 3h
Wind resistance ≥10m/s
Climb speed


Descent speed ≥5m/s
Maximum level speed


Measurement and control distance ≥5KM
Maximum level speed 2000m
Control modes Manual control or automatic flight
Automatic mode Speed control mode;Attitude control mode;Automatic course reversal mode
Working temperature -20℃-60℃