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KD-26(A) type intelligent vehicle driver assistant system

Series products of kd-26 intelligent vehicle driver assistant system are the reliable guarantee of vehicle safe traveling, this system is constituted by the infrared thermal imaging image collector, low intensity of illumination image collector, active infrared source, intelligent display terminal and other parts, according to different vehicle models, there are multiple configuration types, such as osculum type, integrated embedded, etc. and they have omnibearing night vision image collector, strong light inhibition, penetrating fog haze, rev...

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Complete machine Weight 9.4KG
Power ≤30W
Working voltage DC  24V
Working temperature Inside the car -20℃~60℃; Outside the car -30℃~60℃
Storage medium 32G SD card
Protection degree Ip66
Detection distance

(With 1.7 m for reference)MCCD:150m ;Thermal imaging:380m

thermal imaging video camera Type of detector Polycrystalline silicon infrared microbolometer  
Resolution / Effective pixel 384x288/17μ
Sensitivity <60mk  @  300k, 50Hz
Focal length 12.3mm
Angle of view 29.7°x22.5°
Low illumination camera. Imaging sensor 1/1.9” CMOS
Effective pixel 1280*720
Illumination 0.0001Lux
Focal length 8mm
Angle of view 44°x32°