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KD-85-8A type Plant Protection UAV

Plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle is multiple rotor wings driven-electricity unmanned aerial vehicle specially designed for agricultural field, it adopts efficient brushless electric machine as the power,and thus the vibration on airframe is small. It supports GPS positioning system, and is with the features of real time transmission of image, real time monitoring on condition, automatically stable spraying device for ensuring spraying is always perpendicular to ground, so as to insure that all working tasks are completed flexibly in ...

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Wheelbase 1840mm
Drop diameter 80~200um
The speed 0~15m/s
Spray (width) 4~5m,Coverage area is large with average pulverization
Spraying speed 1~1.5L/s
Pesticide load 20KG
Single operation time 20~25Min
Prevention and treatment efficiency 1~2acre
Altitude of flight 0~200m
Spray height The distance from field working to the top of grape is  1~3m
Brushless motor wireless, electric remote control start.
The rotor is positioned at 8 points, and the take-off is stable.
The whole machine can be folded for easy transportation
Applicable to a variety of environments requiring pesticide use,-15°C~40°C
Adapt to bilge pump, with stable flow, and two sprays nozzle jointly, the flow can be adjusted 0.2-0.4L/Min 
The fuselage is small, stable and flexible.